About this Booklet

God Saves us from Himself. This short booklet will demonstrate that the Gospel is the plan and means by which God saves those who come to Him by faith in Christ. This same salvation is more than a mere escape from hell; it is, in fact, a deliverance from God Himself. It is God who is holy. It is God who is unapproachable. It is God who is "angry with the wicked everyday" (Psalm 7:11). Every unbeliever, then, arrives, lives, and dies under the wrath of God unless he applies the righteousness of Christ through faith in His finished work.

While this work emphasizes the holiness and wrath of God, there is no denying His love. While a holy God must judge sin, it was His love that spawned the only escape. Jesus Christ bore the wrath of God in the sinners stead so that all who come to God by Him shall be saved (1 Timothy 4:10, Hebrews 2:9).

GOD: Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid