What in the World is God doing with COVID-19? 

While there are many things we cannot know in regard to suffering, there are some things we can know with confidence. Hence, What in the World is God doing with COVID-19? focuses on those often forgotten theological truths that can help take those burdensome “loads” of fear and uncertainty “off” as we absorb them. It focuses on God’s use of COVID-19, and any other form of suffering, in his exposure of sin and just what it means to be under his “judgment.” It gives attention to his sovereign control over the affairs of men and just how the virus demonstrates this reality. And finally, it highlights God’s loving reach for those who, in the absence of COVID-19, might otherwise continue and die in their sin. 


This book, then, affirms that the best vaccine for the uncertainty and fear spawned by COVID-19, or any other source, is a good dose of sound theology.

Tongues Shall Cease? 

No topic sparks more controversy or emotion in the modern Church than the gift of tongues, and it is in this volatile environment that Tony Watts tackles the issue head-on. In his book, "Tongues Shall Cease?" Tony addresses the three most basic questions asked. "What," for example, "was the nature of the gift of tongues?" Was it human in nature, or did it consist of some unintelligible, angelic, or heavenly utterance? Second, and as importantly, "Why were tongues given in the first place? Was it given as evidence of something significant or as means to a deeper devotional life? Finally, Tony answers the one and most hotly debated question about tongues, and that is, "When, if at all, did tongues cease?" In other words, did God intend for tongues to appear and then disappear in the first century or did He mean for the gift to continue throughout the Church age? Tony answers these and other questions in this work, "Tongues Shall Cease?"

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