Tongues Shall Cease? 

No topic sparks more controversy or emotion in the modern Church than the gift of tongues, and it is in this volatile environment that Tony Watts tackles the issue head-on. In his book, "Tongues Shall Cease?" Tony addresses the three most basic questions asked. "What," for example, "was the nature of the gift of tongues?" Was it human in nature, or did it consist of some unintelligible, angelic, or heavenly utterance? Second, and as importantly, "Why were tongues given in the first place? Was it given as evidence of something significant or as means to a deeper devotional life? Finally, Tony answers the one and most hotly debated question about tongues, and that is, "When, if at all, did tongues cease?" In other words, did God intend for tongues to appear and then disappear in the first century or did He mean for the gift to continue throughout the Church age? Tony answers these and other questions in this work, "Tongues Shall Cease?"

Love Still Wins: Loving God, Eternal Hell, and an Answer to Rob Bell 

Don't leave your people in the frustrating pits of intimidation and silence. Help them be bold defenders of The Faith.  

Is the God of traditional Christianity a cosmic Jekyll and Hyde, switching from a "loving heavenly father" to a "cruel, mean" and "vicious tormentor" in the "blink of an eye?", and is the traditional Gospel actually "toxic," as Rob Bell tells us it is? In Love Still Wins, author Tony Watts responds to such allegations, and does so by confronting the popular writer's attempt to "repaint" the Christian faith at its most foundational level, a "repainting" that, as we shall see, translates into a heretical theology stuffed into the skin of traditional theological lingo. Tony critiques Bell's basic worldview, including his self-defeating view of religious knowledge, his theologically crippling mistrust of human language as an adequate means of communicating absolute truth about God, and the skepticism to which both logically lead. Love Still Wins scrutinizes Bell's basic theology and reveals the fact that his view of hell is the logical result of other erroneous views on other foundational theological ideas. In other words, Bell's faulty view of hell is shaped by his faulty views of God, sin, the atonement, and ultimately, salvation, and more oft than not, pitting himself against the Apostle Paul on those same issues. Finally, Tony argues that an eternal hell does not impugn God's love and that no disconnect between the God of love and the endless suffering of the unrepentant required by a holy God exists.

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