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"Hath God said?”

Those the least bit familiar with the creation account and the subsequent fall of man in the Garden of Eden will recognize the above question as the one posed by Satan through the garden serpent to Eve (Genesis 3:1). It was a question designed to cast doubt concerning the Word of God and as history reveals, it worked perfectly.

This same question reverberates through modern evangelicalism regarding the foundational chapters of Genesis as a growing number of scholars, pastors, and/or leaders question the forthright reading of Genesis 1 —11 generally, and 1 - 3 particularly.

"Did God really mean what he said?"

"Did God really say what he meant?"

"Did he really create the world in six days?"

"Did he mean six actual days or did he mean something else?"

Sadly, all such questions reflect the same doubt inducing query craftily stuffed into the skin of modern lingo.

A Matter of ACTUAL Days takes old-earth thinking to task and reveals the tendency of its adherents to sacrifice the voice of divine intent, the voice of context, the voice of language, the voices of Jewish history, the voices of the New Testament writers, and Jesus on the alter of modern scholarship.

What in the World is God doing with COVI
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