Who Am I?    

My name is Tony Watts and as of September 18, 2018,  I have been married to Sandi for 36 years.  As a preacher, I graduated from Piedmont Baptist College of  Winston-Salem, NC where I completed both my undergraduate (1989) and graduate work with a Master of Biblical Studies degree in 2001.

Serving in a bi-vocational capacity made me aware of the many philosophical and theological dangers with which working class Christians are confronted, making what I do both biblically and practically relevant.

With this in mind, Link2eternity proposes to do two things; intending both to boost the confidence of believers who are bombarded daily with the theological and philosophical foolishness of the day and then aid them in their confident defense and presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am convinced that confident believers are bold believers, and if Christians need anything in our increasingly secular world, they need confidence in our Lord and His Word. 

Having defended the Christian Faith and worldview in writing for the past 20 years or so, then, I am also certain that truth can be defended and presented using cogent but gracious means - even in the local paper - and  lnk2eternity is dedicated to just such an end.


In fact, much of the information in the Blog section is gathered from both old and new articles submitted to some local paper as part of this ministry.               


Why the Name, link2eternity?

While the name "link2eternity" may sound "neat" to some, others may wonder just what I was thinking when I created it. It began when I was introduced to apologetics by an undergrad professor, Dr. Walter Yoho, at what was then called Piedmont Bible College. It was Dr. Yoho who first lit the fire and fanned the flame of apologetics as a discipline and necessity in our world. It was his influence, as well, that enabled me to witness for Christ without fearing those objections so oft paraded as something "intellectual."  Ultimately, it was under his tutelage that I realized the apologetic significance of the resurrection, and hence, the Gospel's validity as the "power of God unto salvation" that Paul declared it to be in Romans 1:16.  

The significance of the resurrection, then, cannot be overestimated, because as the Apostle Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15, the weight of the entire Gospel rests upon it! If Christ is not risen, he reminds his readers, our preaching is futile, our faith is useless, and our message is a lie. Even more importantly, he notes, our sins remain, and our deceased loved ones "in Christ" have no hope (1 Corinthians 15:14-18). Need I say more?

The Resurrection, then, is the "key stone" of the Christian Faith, and if it falls, every contingent Christian doctrine falls with it. It is the one reality that gives historical and logical credence to all rightly interpreted biblical claims, particularly those about Jesus and his work in the sinner's behalf. It is the evidential and indispensable hub of the Christian Gospel, both for its defense and declaration. Conversely, it is the scoffer's shame and the skeptics "Achilles heel."  

Essentially, the resurrection is humanity's ever living physical link to the eternal that is securely tethered to the unchangeable historical record, a.k.a. Easter. Hence the name, "link2eternity."


Our Means:

Reaching those who read the local  paper — the “Mars Hill” of the modern world — anywhere and  everywhere.

Our Purpose:

dedicated to the DEFENSE and DECLARATION of the Gospel of Jesus Christ


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