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A "Collaboration with Madness": Only 2 Genders

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

As a sci-fi fan, I've watched my fair share of Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation. In this memorable chapter, Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) was captured by the Cardassians. In their custody, the famed Captain of the Enterprise was being tortured with the interrogator stopping periodically to ask Picard how many lights he saw hanging above his desk. Although there were just four lights hanging there, the merciless inquisitor demanded that Picard deny reality and see five if he wanted to avoid the consequences, i.e. more pain.

This sci-fi episode was just that, fiction, but as I write, the insistence that reasonable people deny reality and succumb to the delusional mindset of those who reject the natural classifications of male and female (i.e. nonbinarism) or face the consequences is a growing and disconcerting phenomenon.

Recently, for example, NY City passed legislation making nonbinary classification as easy as choosing “whichever gender one wants” when “applying for your IDNYC card.” Now, according to NY's infamous mayor, people can legally choose whichever gender “is most comfortable" for him, her, or whatever, and then can do so, boasted de Blasio, with "no proof" - a subtle admission that nonbinary self-classifications have no corresponding reality in the real world. This, of course, makes “verification” of one’s imagined identity literally impossible. Interpretation: "no proof needed because no proof available” (

How convenient.

This “gender-choosing-ease” merely adds teeth to the Big Rotten Apple’s 2002 law that made financial penalties available for “employers and covered entities” who might refuse to address someone by his/her preferred gender (

Lest you think such pressures are for another people, place, or time, just read your local paper or listen carefully to your local news anchors refer to the gender confused by their imagined rather than their actual personal pronoun. Could you imagine the social, political, or eventual financial fallout if they refused to do so? Hence, the threat by the LGBTQ driven examiners, "concede any number or combination of imaginary genders and live trouble free or suffer the consequences for not doing so.”

Despite the pressures to conform, however, I reject nonbinarism on two grounds. First, as a Christian, I know the truth with said truth being absolute, universal, and timeless. I know, for example, that "in the beginning" God created both male and female with Jesus confirming this historical phenomenon in Mark 10:6. "But from the beginning of the creation," said Jesus, "God made them male and female," and frankly, since Jesus rose from the dead, (PROOF available), I'll take his word for it.

This biblical position also finds confirmation in Christ’s created order, namely, basic biology. In that sphere once called reality, there are only 2 sexes with a pair of X chromosomes (XX) making one a Female and an XY branding one a male (again, PROOF available).

The real world, then, consists of only two genders, male and female, with every concession otherwise amounting to a "collaboration with madness" (Dr. Paul R. McHugh regarding gender reclassification surgery,

There - are - only - two - genders!

Tony is a preacher from Thomasville and author of “Tongues Shall Cease?” He can be reached via or

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