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Vax or No Vax

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Before I get started, I want to clear the air. I am not an anti-vaxxer, nor am I the son of an anti-vaxxer. And despite my distrust of most things political, the government’s overreaction to a virus that has a 99.994% recovery rate, coupled with its blatant overreaction based on those same numbers, I am not a conspiracy theorist.

Nor do I take COVID lightly. In fact, I was out of commission for several weeks with several of my family members also contracting the virus, one of which was hospitalized. Yet, my view on the vaccine has not changed.

If, for instance, you want the vaccine, then get it. Plain and simple.

If you believe the unknown long-term effects are worth the risk, then so be it.

If you believe the risks associated with the vaccine are less than those associated with COVID itself, then go for it.

Or, if you don’t want the vaccine at all, well, that’s perfectly fine too.

Either way, you’ll get no flak from me. My concern, however, is that we arm ourselves with the facts, so let’s begin with the information gathered from the great and mighty CDC itself.

Did you know, for example, that given the CDC’s own estimates, the COVID mortality rate is actually much less than alarmists have led us to believe. In fact, approximately 120.2 million American’s have had the virus and of that 120.2 million 767,000 have died with approximately 119.4 million having recovered. While any death is tragic, a bit of simple math will indicate that with all cases counted, the approximate death rate drops from the typically reported 1.7% to approximately 0.6%. That is six-tenths of one percent – almost 3-times lower than most have been led to believe.

Further, did you know that while the above numbers reflect both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases, the mortality rate for symptomatic infections comes in at about 1.7% and is still remarkably lower than the chances of any of us dying from other “preventable causes of death” which come in at a whopping 4.2%.

For those who have contracted the virus, did you know that the natural immunity gained by an infection with the actual virus is the gold standard for Vaccine makers? This fact alone makes one wonder just why so much emphasis is given to vaccine immunity at the absolute exclusion of that secured by those having already recovered from COVID itself.

Did you know that the natural immunity gained via COVID-19 is notably superior to that generated by the vaccine because an actual infection produces more “types” of antibodies? Said Ruth Jessen Hickman, MD, “For the most part, the antibodies that you form from getting vaccinated are the same kind of antibodies you would get from a natural infection. One difference is that certain types of vaccines only show the immune system part of the relevant virus. Because of that, the immune system doesn’t form as many different types of antibodies as it would in the course of a natural infection (emphasis mine).

In other words, the body’s natural immune system forms different “types” of antibodies above and beyond that produced by the vaccine. That “one difference” mentioned by Hickman is also highlighted by the American Institute for Economic Research, “Thus, the memory of the infection lives within the body for any future attacks from similar infectious agents. The current crop of mRNA vaccines, however, confer very narrow immunity because they are focused on a single target; the spike (S) protein.”

Mark the phrases, “similar infectious agent,” “very narrow,” and “one target.” The natural immunity gained by COVID infection is naturally programmed with instructions to attack “similar” viruses, which, by the way, could very well include the variants we are now seeing. The vaccine, however, was designed with only “one target” in mind and therefore produces a “very narrow” immunity. This narrowness, then, leaves the body somewhat vulnerable to variations of the virus. Conclusion, natural immunity is more versatile.

As those familiar with the UFC will attest, the best of all boxers would have a real problem against a more versatile opponent in the famed octagon. As the organization’s earlier days revealed, the more versatile the fighter the greater the advantage. Hence, while the vaccines may fair nicely as single dimensioned boxers, the natural immunity gained by COVID recovery has punches, kicks, and ground-fighting skills at its disposal, and thus, other useful weapons for fighting COVID and any “similar” forms that may emerge.

Did you know that while the immunity gained from having COVID-19 is admittedly superior, it also provides approximately 99.994% of all new infections with said superior immunity? That is no small matter. In fact, it represents a growing army of more efficient fighters in the virus war apart from the vaccine.

Don’t get me wrong. As noted earlier, I believe COVID is serious. I also understand the fear associated with the virus and the Vaccine as well as the fact that none of us like flirting with the unknown when it comes to either. But it’s time to wade through the fog of alarmist tactics and big brother bullying and realize that the virus, while serious, does not warrant the measures taken. Hence, mandating a vaccine that is admittedly inferior and then demanding proof of said vaccination for travel, school, employment or entry into any establishment is baseless. As such, the word “control” comes to mind.

My interest is this topic, however, extends beyond the virus and the vaccine itself. It includes the blatant government overreach and its similarities to end times prophecy. For starters, there’s a strange parallel between what is happening in the name of public health now and what the Bible says will happen during the Tribulation period. In Revelation 13:16-17, for example, the antichrist eventually sets new boundaries for those who wish to live unscathed under his authority. Hence, the introduction of what is called “the Mark of the Beast.”

16 And he (the antichrist) causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

In other words, the masses will have to receive said “mark” to conduct business or make any financial transactions. Buying and selling of any sort will be for the compliant alone with those refusing the mandated “mark” becoming enemies of the state. Thus, the current vaccine mandate, while not the eventual soul damning mark of the beast, is oddly similar to it in at least two ways.

First, the vaccination mandates are similar to the antichrist’s “mark” mandate in scope. In case you haven’t noticed, the vaccination mandates are not localized. In fact, there is a global effort following “recommendations” by the CDC and the WHO. The international response to COVID-19, then, represents one giant leap toward the global authority that will one day characterize the antichrist’s domain. In other words, COVID linked the nations in a way heretofore unseen. As I noted in my booklet, What in the World is God doing with COVID-19, the US gladly handed the reigns of control to the CDC and the WHO without pause.

Second, the mandatory COVID vaccine is similar to the antichrist’s “mark” mandate in its penalty. According to Revelation 13, no one will be able to buy or sell without the “mark,” and the consequences of not partaking will be dire. Any financial transaction will be denied for the uncompliant and that includes the reception of a paycheck and the buying of food, just to name two. Hence, the similar threats involving the unvaccinated. From threats to terminate the unvaccinated for noncompliance to depriving them of the financial safety net of unemployment marks two of the more obvious parallels. On August 9, 2021, for example, “MSN: Money” noted these as real possibilities. “If you are fired for refusing to get vaccinated,” the column noted, “the company has the right to terminate your employment for violating company policy. And, if you refuse to get one and quit or are terminated, you won’t be eligible for unemployment benefits.” Once you do the political math here, the sum of “no job minus unemployment benefits equals the inability to “buy or sell.” While not stated in the forthright terms found in Revelation 13, the end result is, again, eerily similar. One way or the other, the noncompliant will pay.

No doubt, COVID has been a game changer. In the divine scheme of things, it has become a convenient conditioning tool preparing the world’s citizenry for those eventual mandates to be handed down by the antichrist himself. It’s a global trial run, the kind of which has never, until now, been conducted.

Even so come quickly, Lord Jesus.


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